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okay if anyone needs help in the first level all you need to do is press z to jump higher

Death Sound Effect Hurts My Ears

salut c'est super ce que tu as fais  ! c'est vraiment très agréable a testé ! 


how do i progress after the first 5 coin

it's just for a gamejam... Nothing serious just take it as a test. thanks for testing it

Control keys are utterly awful... q d z? left arrow right arrow spacebar? no combo is very good. how about arrows or wasd?

Thanks for the remark

My keyboard is in AZERTY, hence the choice of QSZD keys.

Next time, I will use the arrows

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not everyone in the world uses a QWERTY layout ... chill

what did you use to make this?

oh and btw ninjamuffin99 used this engine to create a game called "Friday Night Funkin'"

Why when I launch the game the game is on the top left corner of my screen and not full screen??


how do i select new game


With the ENTER key

good game btw

Nice! This game is amazing!

Thank you


how to run i

J 'ai changé le format en HTML5


L'agencement des plateformes est bien conçu, c'est réglé au millimètre : on n'y arrive pas si on n' est pas bien concentré, mais si on fait attention c'est tout à fait faisable. Exigeant mais pas frustrant.  Et c'est pratique de pouvoir jouer en ligne.

Merci :)

Super ton jeu, y'a tout, défilement, physique, collisions, ia, sons et en plus jouable en ligne, good job ! :)

Merci :)